"POCKETALK" an advanced IoT product, can two-way translate, support over 60 languages.
It is very small device but lets you give opportuneties that were not previously possible.
Imagine that you have over 60 interpreters in your pocket.

POCKETALK perform accurate speech recognition, character conversion, instant translation, speech synthesis, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Make it easier for tourists to travel in Japan without learning the language.

POCKETALK is trademarks or registered trademarks of SOURCENEXT CORPORATION.

As a result of taking a questionnaire to foreigners who came to Japan travel, there were many people who had inconvenience in terms of languages and communication.

Surveyed by Japan National Tourism Organization in 2016

Most people visited Japan felt that it was inconvenient because of the language barrier.
POCKETALK allows users to communicate and will be the savior in any situation.

POCKETALK deepens communication and your trip will be more enjoyable.

Case1 ~in the street~

Case2 ~at SUSHI BAR~


More than 60 languages

English, Chinese, Korean, French etc.
From one language to over 60 languages
You can select any two language to use.

High translation accuracy

POCKETALK use the most suitable engine for each language It is generated by performing advanced translation processing.

No need for annoying settings

No Internet settings required just turn on the power button and use it.



Make reservations online.
Require your credit card information when booking your order.
Place your order 3 business days before start of rental service, or contact at support@pupuru.com



We will deliver it to the front desk of the hotel where you stay, the airport counter you arrive at, the stay place and so on.



Drop off into the post box (180,000 in japan).
Put everything together into the PuPuRu's black pouch and seal it in the orange envelope (self-addressed and prepaid)provided.
Please drop off the device by the end of the rental day.